Take Back the Sky

Take Back the Sky

War Dogs, Book 3

Marooned beneath the icy, waxy crust of Saturn's moon, Titan, Skyrine Michael Venn and his comrades face double danger from Earth and from the Antagonists. Haunted by their dead, the former combatants must now team up with their enemies, forget their indoctrination and their training, and journey far beyond Pluto to the fabled Planet X...



The October Country

Lovely to revisit friend and mentor Ray Bradbury's works with the help of the fine Sam Weller!

[Read "Where the Hills Are Fog and the Rivers Are Mist" by Sam Weller in The Paris Review]

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Yoji Kondo

Yoji Kondo's passing marks a real phase in both my life and the space program. This obituary describes so much about him that he never bragged about on his own. With Yoji gone, and Jerry Pournelle gone, my memories of the many occasions we got together at Larry Niven's house, or Jerry's house, become even more golden.
Obituary: Yoji Kondo, astrophysicist and science-fiction writer

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About Greg Bear

Portrait of Greg Bear by Astrid Anderson Bear, 2006

Greg Bear is the author of KILLING TITAN (Orbit 2015 - sequel to WAR DOGS), HULL ZERO THREE (Orbit 2010), CITY AT THE END OF TIME (Del Rey 2009), MARIPOSA (Perseus paperback November 2010), HALO: CRYPTUM, HALO: PRIMORDIUM, and HALO: SILENTIUM (Tor, 2011, 2012, and 2013). He's the father of two young writers, Erik and Alexandra, and is married to Astrid Anderson Bear, who has written for SAN DIEGO NOIR.

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