Take Back the Sky

Take Back the Sky

War Dogs, Book 3
December 20, 2016

Marooned beneath the icy, waxy crust of Saturn's moon, Titan, Skyrine Michael Venn and his comrades face double danger from Earth and from the Antagonists. Haunted by their dead, the former combatants must now team up with their enemies, forget their indoctrination and their training, and journey far beyond Pluto to the fabled Planet X...



Junocam: the movie

"Michael Ravine gives us a head's up about this Junocam animation of a near-Jupiter loop, with a familiar Ligeti accompaniment... I guarantee a spiritual/scientific response. Mesmerizing and extraordinary!" - Greg
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Dead Lines E-Book Now Available for Pre-Order!

Bear’s highly praised novel of technospookery will be coming soon from Open Road Media!

Ever since his life was shattered by the kidnapping and murder of his young daughter, Peter Russell has become a ghost of a man. Once a successful director of adult films, he has been reduced to running questionable errands for an eccentric California millionaire. But everything changes when a Los Angeles start-up offers him the opportunity to create promotional videos for their revolutionary new technology, Trans. The product offers exceptionally powerful, crystal-clear mobile communication that can operate anywhere and everywhere—and Peter sets out to put it into every palm.

But as he uses the device himself, he starts to see his murdered little girl . . .

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Journeys Through Time and Space

Journeys Through Time and Space Greg Bear has partnered with The Portalist to create an exclusive ebook bundle of his top five classic science fiction and fantasy books of all time. The collection will be broadly released to the public on July 11 through all major ebook retailers, but during the month of June you can purchase it directly from The Portalist at the link below for only $2.99!
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About Greg Bear

Portrait of Greg Bear by Astrid Anderson Bear, 2006

Greg Bear is the author of KILLING TITAN (Orbit 2015 - sequel to WAR DOGS), HULL ZERO THREE (Orbit 2010), CITY AT THE END OF TIME (Del Rey 2009), MARIPOSA (Perseus paperback November 2010), HALO: CRYPTUM, HALO: PRIMORDIUM, and HALO: SILENTIUM (Tor, 2011, 2012, and 2013). He's the father of two young writers, Erik and Alexandra, and is married to Astrid Anderson Bear, who has written for SAN DIEGO NOIR.

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