Killing Titan

Killing Titan

October 6, 2015

A new planet. A new battle. Same war.

After barely surviving his last tour on Mars, Master Sergeant Michael Venn finds himself back on earth in enforced isolation. Through a dangerous series of operations he returns to Mars to further his investigation into the Drifters--ancient artifacts suddenly reawakened on the red planet.



New York Times Review

N.K. Jemisin's latest New York Times SF review column includes JUST OVER THE HORIZON, Volume 1 of my collected short works. "Bear’s deftness of phrase and metaphor is simply lovely…A solid introduction to the oeuvre of a classic writer."

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Congress’s refusal to fully fund the Zika crisis is an astonishing failure of both vision and leadership, and one that could alter politics in America for decades to come. A lot of red states are southern states. And Zika seems poised to become a major issue in the southern states this summer—even before the election. Worse, funding for Zika has drawn resources away from yellow fever immunizations and containment, and yellow fever is also a red state problem.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan seems to be primping for another presidential run, but his refusal to address this issue head on is very much in line with the homeowner who refuses to waste water on a house fire.

Astonishing. Sobering. Crazy almost beyond comprehension. And with real repercussions both medically and politically.

Greg Bear

Article: U.S. officials: The more we learn about Zika, scarier it is

Article: Congo records 21 yellow fever deaths

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